Business Innovation

Tourism is highly competitive, which means that businesses have to be entrepreneurial and creative. Our first award for innovation goes to a business which, having enjoyed years of success as an outdoor education and adventure centre for young people has had to diversify to ensure its future. Introducing new facilities, events and marketing, this award winner has altered direction to think into the future, in order to develop new target markets, whilst at the same time continuing to provide excellent service to longstanding user groups. Our first  Business Innovation award goes to Waddow Hall.Waddow Hall

Some of the Ribble Valley businesses are owned by groups that invest and reinvest in the quality of their products, often employing highly motivated skilled staff. One such example stands out for their careful and highly tasteful investment in their properties some of which are historically important buildings. Of note is there clever interior designs d furniture choice which together with creative menus and excellent serves, especially for weddings, results in tourism of the highest standard, including the winner of the Best Wedding venue in Lancashire. An award for Business innovation therefore goes to The James Places group.

Eaves Hall